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miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


Paralelamente al proyecto "Ultravox" Ure y Currie participaron en la creación de un nuevo grupo que mantenia mucho del sonido característico de Ultravox: Visage, con la voz de Steve Strange y que debutó con un sencillo estupendo: "Fade to Grey", con coros de Ure.

Visage - Visage - Album

'Visage' is the eponymous debut album from the British pop group Visage, recorded at Genetic Sound Studios in Reading and released by Polydor Records on 10 November 1980.

The album reached number 13 in the UK and was certified "Silver" by the British Phonographic Industry in March 1981. There were 4 singles released from the album being 'Tar', 'Fade To Grey', 'Mind of a Toy' and 'Visage'.


Dos años después, Midge Ure se multiplica por 3: a sus pinitos como solista y su liderazgo absoluto de Ultravox se une su participación en Visage, que publica un segundo album

Visage - The Anvil - Album

'The Anvil' is the second album from British pop group Visage, released in March 1982. The album reached number 6 in the UK and was certified "Silver" by the British Phonographic Industry in April 1982.

This album sparked a brief controversy at the time of its release for being named after New York's famous gay club.

The only musician of the first album line-up that didn't participate in this album's recording was John McGeoch. McGeoch commented in an interview "One time I was in Spain [touring with Siouxsie and the Banshees] at the same time as Visage were recording the second album in London. Rusty wanted me to put a guitar solo on something or other but I only had one day off and there was no way that I could fly home on my one day off. Rusty is not a man to be put off by such things and he was actually trying to put together a satellite linkup from Madrid to London for this one guitar part. Not surprisingly it didn't come off but I was sorry not to have been as involved on The Anvil as I had been on the first album".

The Anvil was also the last Visage project to feature Ultravox frontman Midge Ure who left the band after its release.


A partir de aqui Ure abandona definitivamente su colaboración con Visage, que sigue contando no obstante com Currie.

Visage - Pleasure Boys

'Pleasure Boys' is the seventh single by the British pop group Visage, released on Polydor Records on October 29, 1982.

The track is the only one of the band's singles not to be taken from an album, though it was subsequently included on their 'Fade To Grey: The Singles Collection' compilation album in 1983.

It was also the first release by Visage after the departure of Midge Ure, who left the group due to creative differences with Steve Strange and also to concentrate on his role in Ultravox.

Possibly due to Ure's absence, 'Pleasure Boys' was the first Visage single to miss the UK top 40 (peaking at 44) after a string of five hits during the 1981-82 period.


Visage - Beat Boy - Album

'Beat Boy' is the third and final album by the British pop group Visage. It was recorded at Trident Studios between 1982 and 1983 and released on Polydor Records in September 1984 (delayed by contractual problems the band were having at that time). It reached number 79 on the UK album chart.

The album was recorded and released after Steve Strange decided to make Visage a live band instead of being solely a studio-based project, a decision that left him working only with drummer Rusty Egan and a trio of newer musicians.

Whilst the first two Visage albums had a typical synthpop/post-punk feel, Beat Boy attempted to mix the synthetic sound with American styled rock. However, neither the singles or the album itself had the impact hoped for, and effectively marked the end of Visage as a recording act.


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